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 Kuropatwa Ltd 


If you would like to find out more about, then contact the co-founder Oliver Kuropatwa online.  Kuropatwa Ltd is a London based property development and construction company that has been building homes since 2006.

Our experience and projects range from residential led developments in strategic locations undergoing regeneration to single super prime units in central London. We operate both independently and in partnership with investors and land owners.

Like the Kuropatwa Facebook page and follow him on the official Oliver Kuropatwa Twitter profile here. You can connect with Oliver Kuropatwa through the official Oliver Kuropatwa LinkedIn page Oliver Kuropatwa LinkedIn. Oliver Kuropatwa was previously a founding partner of Kuropatwa Brothers, visit the Kuropatwa Brothers website here Kuropatwa Brothers. Read about Oliver Kuropatwa mining history at Oliver Kuropatwa mining 

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